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Q: Why should I use Perf-a-Lawn?
A: Perf-a-Lawn is a locally owned business that cares about every customer. Our number one goal is to keep our customers satisfied and along with that, for our customers to be able to have a friendly relationship with our lawn technicians and employees. Here at Perf-a-Lawn, we encourage our lawn technicians to talk to every customer after each application, to ensure that the customer knows what was done to their lawn. By doing this, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere with our customer, which will ultimately keep them satisfied.


I want to let everyone know about this company!!  Signed up a yr ago, best service EVER, best employees, very polite and gentleman like.

Today I had the Aeration Treatment; the gentleman who preformed this was EXCELLENT…

Had some bad treatments only because of the weather, they returned and a great job, never heard any of the guys complaining, swearing, ect.

This young man was GREAT, don’t know his name but think he should be recognized for a job well done.

Everyone complains about bad service!!!!! How about the excellent guys who work hard and their butts off and never get recognized for outstanding work!!!

This message is for them, you guys are the BEST OF THE BEST….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Signed up for another year of service, and hope its as good as this year.  Please print a copy of this to all the men who worked at my house this year to show them people really appreciate their service and copies to other area managers and the owners, they hire the best!!!

Thanks for years worth of great service!

        Pittsburgh, PA

- Eleanor

Note I happened to be home today during Cameron’s visit.  Please note, as coming from someone who worked in lawn service, Cameron did an exceptional job today. You are lucky to have such a hard worker who cares about the quality of his job!


                            Erie, PA

- Frank M

Last year's treatments definitely met our expectations. We have renewed for 2018 and looking forward to even better results


- Bill

I was very pleased with the service that your company provided. We will be sending in our payment for 2018 season.

 Erie, PA

- Bob

I think the service we got last year was great and I look forward to it this year. Thank you


Pittsburgh, PA

- Matt

Yes the services met my expectations. I did sign up again for this year and mailed you a check in December for 2018.


  Erie, PA

- Tina