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Q: How safe are your applications for my kids and pets?
A: Perf-a-Lawn's granular fertilizers are not considered hazardous materials. There is no record of human or pet injury resulting from a Perf-a-Lawn fertilizer treatment. Our products are all registered for use on home lawns and contain many of the same active ingredients as the products you buy at the local nursery or garden store. Used by our licensed specialists, in strict compliance with labeled instructions, they do not represent any significant threat to your family or pets. While no lawn pest control material may legally be classified as 'completely safe', our weed and insect controls are termed 'practically non-toxic', the lowest pesticide toxicity classification.

Perf-A-Lawn News: Spring 2017

Spring Time Advice

Your Perf-a-Lawn technician will be applying your Spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventative soon. Be prepared to help your technician apply a “perfect” treatment. Have your yard ready by removing sticks and branches as well as any debris left from winter. This will ensure an effective application.

Prevent Crabgrass & Other Broad Leaf Weeds This Year!

Crabgrass is a common weed that everyone knows. What most people don’t know though is that in the early spring; late March; is when you should first treat your lawn with a crabgrass preemergent. This nuisance weed starts to come out in the summer time when the temperatures at night remain warm. Once crabgrass makes its home in your grass, it is very unpleasant and difficult to eliminate. Crabgrass spreads by seeds produced in the soil from previous years. Each crabgrass plant can produce thousands of seeds and live up to 15 years in your soil. With this type of intensity and persistence it is easy to see that prevention is the best cure for crabgrass. A crabgrass pre-emergent from Perf-a-Lawn will form a barrier on the soil surface that will prevent crabgrass from germinating.

Reparing Snow Mold Damage

Where winter is long and harsh, a deep persistent layer of snow insulates the roots of grass damaging the roots and preventing proper growth. To prevent damage to your lawn, in the spring you should lightly rake the affected areas to disrupt the encrusted mat and apply fertilizer to encourage new growth.

Lime Is What Your Lawn Needs

Why Lime? … Liming is an important part of a turf management program. Your soil’s pH has much to do with the health of your lawn. When a lawn’s pH level is off, it effects your lawn in several ways …

  • it is more susceptible to rapid thatch development.
  • it will lose its vigor.
  • fungus activity will increase.
  • the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides used on your lawn will be low.

Excessive acid in the soil is proven to be detrimental to your grass rooting system. Your lawn’s natural resistance to disease decreases when the soil is too acidic.

Perimeter Pest Control Program

Your home is a great place to live and it is that very reason that pests want to share it with you! The fact is 90% of bugs come from outside the home. Perimeter pest control is a way to control insect invasions in your home. It’s like a moat around a castle. It provides an insect shield around the base of your home that will keep out a variety of insects. The great thing about it is that bugs meet their demise without even entering your home. The Perimeter Pest program consists of four scheduled applications applied three feet up and three feet out from the foundation around your entire home. When the work is done outside, there are no chemicals to worry about inside your home. It also means that you don’t have to be home when it’s done. The treatment begins to work immediately. Yet it is safe for children and pets once its dried. Remember you can always reach us at our toll-free number: 

Call us Toll Free: 1-877-737-3252 or e-mail us at perfalawn@perfalawn.com