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Ask the Professionals

Q: Why should I use Perf-a-Lawn?
A: Perf-a-Lawn is a locally owned business that cares about every customer. Our number one goal is to keep our customers satisfied and along with that, for our customers to be able to have a friendly relationship with our lawn technicians and employees. Here at Perf-a-Lawn, we encourage our lawn technicians to talk to every customer after each application, to ensure that the customer knows what was done to their lawn. By doing this, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere with our customer, which will ultimately keep them satisfied.

Organic Lawn Care


Our commitment to you is primarily about creating a healthy, thick and weed free lawn. We are a results driven business and know that you expect the best.

Expertise and Courtesy
When you hire Perf-a-Lawn to care for your property you can be assured that you will be treated courteously at all times. All of our staff are highly trained through a vigorous educational process and understand that without you, the customer, we wouldn’t be here.

Truly Organic Products
The lawncare industry has increased awareness around the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as they relate to health and the environment, and  many consumers want a safe option. The Bee Safe product line is designed with this in mind and we have effectively eliminated synthetic fertilizers and dangerous pesticides from our use. All of our products are based on improving soil biology, thus allowing turf to reach its full genetic potential.

Service You Can Trust

A Commitment to Integrity
We take this commitment seriously.  When you hire Perf-a-Lawn to care for your property you expect results and professionalism and with Bee Safe products you can be sure we won't let you down.  But the products we use to deliver those results are different than your average lawn care service.
With a Bee Safe Program You Can Be Sure That:

  • We will only use products that are acceptable under the most strict organic standards.
  • We will NEVER use products dervived from human or animal waste.
  • Communication and education is key. We promise to keep you well informed about the things you can do to get the most out of your organic lawn.

Our Secret Weapon

The goal of organic lawn care is to stimulate the biological activity in the soil. Our products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth.
After many years of research and development and countless hours in the laboratory we have created an active solution of multiple strains of soil improving microbes. Diverse consortiums of bacteria and fungi will not only stimulate the indigenous species of microbes in the soil but we have also proven that applying this active microbial solution will increase biological activity in the soil 100 fold.  When we combine this formula with our natural sources of plant nutrition and bio-stumulants, your lawn will reach it's full genetic potential.  WITHOUT THE USE OF CHEMICALS

  It is important to keep in mind that complete eradication of weeds is almost impossible even with a potent chemical arsenal. The best way to deal with weeds and crabgrass is to follow a proper routine in terms of cultural practices. Always mow high, always mulch your clippings and NEVER mow during the heat of the day.



KELP (0 – 0 - .5) Bio-stimulant

Biologically Diverse Microbial System


Kelp Synergizes with7-0-2 
Kelp (0 – 0 - .5) Bio-stimulant

 7 – 0 – 2  Biologically Enhanced Liquid Fertilizer

Round 3  Early/Mid Summer 

Kelp Synergizes with Organic Bio Science Powder  
Kelp (0 – 0 - .5) Bio-stimulant

Organic Bio Science Powder (0 – 0 – 5)
Biologically Diverse Microbial System and Plant Nutrients

Round 4  Mid/Late Summer

7-0-2 Synergizes withOrganic Bio Science Powder 
7 – 0 – 2 Biologically Enhanced Liquid Fertilizer

Organic Bio Science Powder (0 – 0 – 5)
Biologically Diverse Microbial System and Plant Nutrients

Round 5  Fall

7 – 0 – 2
Biologically Enhanced Liquid Fertilizer

Round 6  Late Fall

Winter Protect 3 – 0 – 0 
Soil Conditioner and Nitrogen Source


 Guidelines for a Proper Organic Lawn


  • Maintain height at 3-3.5 inches
    • Keeps soil temperature cooler
    • Helps prevent crabgrass and weed germination
    • Promotes deeper root development
    • Reduces water loss
  • 1/3 Rule
    • Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade each time
  • Seasonal Schedule
    • Spring-more frequent due to rapidly growing grass
    • Summer-less frequent due to slower growing grass. Also, NEVER mow when temperatures are above 90 degrees
    • Fall-last mow of the year should be 20-30% lower than normal to discourage fungal diseases in the Winter
  • Direction
    • Mow at right angles to keep height even and promote upright growth
    • Alternating directions helps to prevent soil compaction from heavy machinery
  • Mulching
    • ALWAYS mulch the grass clipping
    • Returning the clippings to the soil will return vital nutrients back to the lawn
  • Sharp Blades
    • Dull mower blades rip the grass, instead of slicing it and making a clean cut
    • Ripped blades of grass are more likely to develop a fungus and have an overall brown look


  • Too Often
    • Watering too much favors the development of fungal diseases
  • Too little
    • Leads to dormancy, weakened plants, or could eventually kill them
  • Proper Amounts
    • When rain is sufficient, apply 1 inch of water weekly or enough to wet the top 6-8 inches of soil
    • Check soil with a trowel or spade to see if water has penetrated to proper root depth
  • Timing
    • Best done early in the morning to decrease water loss from evaporation as temperatures rise during the day
    • Avoid later afternoon watering that extends the time grass is wet which may increase disease problems

Aeration and Overseeding

  • Aeration
    • Mechanical removal of soil plugs from the lawn to relieve soil compaction and manage thatch. This improves water and air movement in the soil
    • Loosened soil allows for improved root development and helps with weed prevention
    • Ideal timing of this is during the Fall
  • Overseeding
    • Overseeding bare and thin areas is recommended at the time of aeration
    • Watering should be done frequently and lightly to keep seed moist until it germinates
    • After germination, the lawn can be maintained under the normal practices


  • Lime
    • Optimal pH level for grasses is between 6.5 and 7
    • Soil acidity is the single most important factor affecting the biology of the soil