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Q: Why should I use Perf-a-Lawn?
A: Perf-a-Lawn is a locally owned business that cares about every customer. Our number one goal is to keep our customers satisfied and along with that, for our customers to be able to have a friendly relationship with our lawn technicians and employees. Here at Perf-a-Lawn, we encourage our lawn technicians to talk to every customer after each application, to ensure that the customer knows what was done to their lawn. By doing this, our goal is to create a friendly atmosphere with our customer, which will ultimately keep them satisfied.

Perf-A-Lawn Newsletter

Perf-A-Lawn News: Spring 2017

Spring Time Advice

Your Perf-a-Lawn technician will be applying your Spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventative soon. Be prepared to help your technician apply a “perfect” treatment. Have your yard ready by removing sticks and branches as well as any debris left from winter. This will ensure an effective application.

Perf-A-Lawn News: Fall 2017

Did the Summer Stress Damage Your Lawn?

This summer has been one brutal time of year for your lawn.  The combination of high temperatures and a lack of rainfall has done its number on many lawns across our area.  With the return of rain, we have seen many lawns green up quickly, however others are still showing signs of distress from the drought.  

Fall is the best time to rejuventate a lawn that has been stressed from drought!

Aeration and Overseeding